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Keswick Cottage is nestled amongst the Weddin mountains providing picturesque sunsets and an abundance of wildlife. Surrounded by lucerne flats and flourishing gardens the connection with nature is unwordly as you enjoy your quite weekend away. The catered gourmet breakfast features local foods providing a complete paddock to plate experience.

During your stay experience complete freedom while strolling through the gardens and the surrounding 300 acre property. See first hand the day to day jobs of a working farm and the strong connection that Lachlan Valley farmers have with the land. 

The Origins Of Keswick Cottage

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Origins From Humble Beginnings

Keswick Cottage comes from the humble beginnings of being an old tin shed which was home to the farm paddock basher (ute) and rustic farm machinery. A commodious rebuild in 2019 has transformed the shed into sumptuous accommodation for a couple.

The bathroom showcases contrasting colour blends of black and white that allows the picturesque window view of lush green Lucerne pastures to really bring the room to life. Enjoy the rich pink and orange sunsets that appear to be plucked straight out of the final scene of an iconic Australian film. Gaze in amazement from the front veranda as the horizon shifts from a red soil bleached orange to a magical moonlit night.

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Main loungeroom with bathroom
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Keswick Cottage

Step back in time while keeping all of the modern day luxuries that make you feel at home. Treat yourself to the streaking orange glazed sunsets while perched on the verandah sampling the local wines.

Accomodation Location

The private location of the cottage provides a truly unique connection with nature. Lose yourself in the surrounding gardens, colourful perennials and hazelnut trees. A windmill complete with vibrant ornamental grape vines that transform during the autumn months providing the stereotypical beauty that rural Australia is known for.

A Rich Local History

Robert Thompson, Farmer and Grazier of Back Creek, Cowra constructed the Springfield Homestead in 1908 during the Edwardian Era heavily inspired by the Arts & Crafts movement. The homestead showcases stunning stain glass windows and 11 foot ornate plaster ceilings complete with hinged casement bay windows and open fireplaces.

A Vintage Yet Homely Restoration

The property was purchased in 2006 along with 300 acres of prime farming land. The house was tastefully restored to create a vintage yet homely atmosphere. The historic shearing shed still stands safely nestled in amongst Robinias with vines and hedges contributing to the venerable look of the shed.

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